Interpreting Isolation Forest’s predictions — and not only

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The problem: how to interpret Isolation Forest’s predictions

More specifically, how to tell which features are contributing more to the predictions. Since Isolation Forest is not a typical Decision Tree (see Isolation Forest characteristics here), after some research, I ended up with three possible solutions:

1) Train on the same dataset another similar algorithm that has feature importance…

Leverage Machine Learning to defend against DDoS

Baskerville logo source:

Manual identification and mitigation of (DDoS) attacks on websites is a difficult and time-consuming task with many challenges.

This is where Baskerville comes in.

Baskerville is an open-source Security Analytics Engine, a system to identify the attacks (currently) directed to Deflect protected websites as they happen and give the infrastructure…

First of all, I really enjoyed your thorough analysis, excellent article, thanks!

For the highlighted part, I of course agree about the NoSQL case, but the `no relationship` part is not exactly true, right? I mean there is the UserID that links the two tables, it is just going to be handled differently.

How to leverage spark to read in parallel from a database

Spark Parallelization

A usual way to read from a database, e.g. Postgres, using spark would be something like the following:

However, by running this, you will notice that the spark application has only one task active, which means, only one core is being used and this one task will try to…

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