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  • Haneen AbuFarha ✍🏼🇵🇸

    Haneen AbuFarha ✍🏼🇵🇸

    Status quo Antagonist | Diversity Sourcer | 20+ Cities Traveler | Published in TheStartup, The Ascent & DDI | Palestinian🇵🇸 | Let’s chat: http://bit.ly/LNKDMD

  • Marcos Brakenridge

    Marcos Brakenridge

    Entrepreneur, Investor & Life-Enthusiast. COO of @TopicInsights Media Publisher. Here to write and inspire the world of business. marcos@topicinsights.com

  • Xiaoxu Gao

    Xiaoxu Gao

    Software engineer by day and by night. Be passionate about Python, JavaScript, Streaming technology and life 😍 Connect me linkedin.com/in/xiaoxugao/

  • R.Caliskan


    Data Scientist

  • Lucas Rodés-Guirao

    Lucas Rodés-Guirao

    Data. Universe, nature and technology.



    I wish to be sure that everyone who reads me, understands me right in the first reading and no one should feel the need to reach out for a dictionary.

  • JACH


    scientist (Ph D. physical chemistry), big data engineer, chemist, reserve soldier, ultra and OCR runner, crossfiter

  • Baptiste Plestan

    Baptiste Plestan

    +320k views 🔥 Crypto & tech entousiast ! Follow me for concret content 👍

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